Bill Franks ColorBill Franks is the Chief Analytics Officer at the International Institute for Analytics (IIA). In this role, he helps guide IIA’s global community of analytics practitioners in determining the best strategy for their particular analytics needs. He provides perspective on trends in analytics and big data, and helps clients understand how IIA can support their efforts to improve analytic performance.

Bill serves on the advisory boards of multiple university and professional analytics programs and has previously held a range of executive positions in analytics, including several years as Chief Analytics Officer for Teradata (NYSE: TDC). He is also an active speaker and has presented at dozens of events over the past few years.

Bill has previously published two business books: Taming The Big Data Tidal Wave and The Analytics Revolution, which both focused on his day job.

Bill’s latest book I Need To Tell You Something: Life Lessons From A Father For His Teenage Children was written from Bill’s perspective as a businessman and a parent. As a father, he is also a leader, adviser, and teacher. His passion for both roles brings him to share life lessons not only with his own children, but with other families as well.

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