Book Details

I Need To Tell You Something

Target Audience
This book is targeted at children in the 12 – 22 year old range who are going through their formative years.

The likely buyer of the book is a parent, grandparent, teacher, coach, or other influential adult who wants to reinforce key life lessons to the child or young adult they care about.

The Structure Of The Chapters
Each chapter focuses on a single life lesson. Chapters start with an explanation of the core theme and why it is important. Then, the author provides examples from his life where he has either seen the lesson applied or ignored. Highlighting both failures along with successes brings home the point that living the right way is a constant effort. The chapters end with questions that readers can ask themselves as they consider how they will apply the lesson in their own lives.

Suggested Approach To Reading
Young adults can certainly read this book on their own. However, the biggest impact will be if a parent (or other trusted adult) reads and discusses the book with them. Set aside 20 to 30 minutes and select a chapter. Take a few minutes to each read the chapter and then a few minutes to each think quietly about what you’ve read.

After reading and thinking about a chapter, have some meaningful parent/child discussion on the topic presented. The discussion will offer an opportunity for parents to reinforce the lesson, put their own twist on the topic, and identify areas where their children may need some additional parental guidance.

Make The Content Your Own
The author does not claim that the book is the ultimate authority on how to lead a good life, how to deal with challenges, or how to raise children. The book simply contains his views that he hopes his children will choose to follow. Any given parent may differ on any given point.

Parents can consider the content here as a starting point and a way to begin a dialogue with their own children. Any of the messages can be fine-tuned as readers desire to make it their own.

Read It In Any Order
Each chapter is capable of fully standing on its own. While the chapters are ordered and numbered out of necessity, there is no requirement to read them in order. Any given chapter can be read by itself without issue. So, if certain topics of are special interest, feel free to jump around.